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Whether you are planning a celebration for a large or small number of guests, more and more couples are looking for something fun and different for their wedding entertainment.

John Gerard’s Wedding Magic has a broad appeal, whereas many other forms of wedding entertainment may only cater to certain audiences and ages. John’s Wedding Magic is the perfect way of bringing everyone together. It is the ultimate ‘ice-breaker’ – especially between guests who may only be meeting for the first time.


When the guests arrive

Wedding Magician John Gerard mixes and mingles with guests at the ‘afternoon
reception’ performing his stunning interactive Close-Up magic and amazing Mind-Reading. By involving everyone in the Magic and Mind-Reading, it encourages them to have fun and become part of the magical experience!
This walk-around entertainment is the perfect ‘ice-breaker’ for guests of
all ages.

During the Meal

At each table (between courses), guests get their own astonishing ‘sleight-of-hand’ magic performance. Wedding magician John Gerard moves from table to table performing unbelievable ‘sleight-of-hand’ Close-up Magic. It’s the kind of magic that people have only seen on television. They have never experienced magic up-close in person. This is modern visual ‘beyond belief’ magic that is guaranteed to create happy and unforgettable memories of your ‘special day’ long after it’s over!

Wedding Magic

After the Meal

As evening guests arrive to join the day guests for the evening reception (the afters’ party), Wedding magician John Gerard mixes and mingles with everyone. He performs ‘Meet and Greet’ Close-Up Magic, Mind-Reading and Palm-Reading which always creates wonder and amazement. This fun entertainment is the perfect way to introduce and integrate the evening guests with the day guests.

A Cabaret Magic Show

After the meal and before the music starts is the time for this interactive Comedy Magic ‘floor show’. This show creates a great atmosphere, bringing everyone together in laughter and conversation. It is guaranteed to entertain all your guests. The show also includes some ‘special magic tricks’ for the Wedding Couple.

Close Up Table Magic Dublin


With over 25 years of experience Dublin magician John Gerard has performed at countless weddings throughout Ireland for audiences of all sizes. He has performed in Hotels, Castles, Country Houses, Halls, Marquees and Private Homes. John’s relaxed performing style, experience and ability to perform in any situation, make his Wedding Magic the perfect choice for weddings of all sizes.

Magic with Money - Magician Dublin


  • Amazing ‘Sleight-of-Hand’ Card Tricks
  • A Guest will read John’s Mind – to the amazement of everyone!
  • Hilarious Mind-Reading – that has to be seen to be believed!
  • The Most Dangerous Magic Trick in the World – a magic trick that nobody will ever forget!
  • Borrowed Money will disappear – to the delight of everyone, except its owner!
  • Borrowed Jewellery will vanish – only to re-appear in a most unusual place!
  • Palms will Be Read – Revealing people’s ‘Hidden Secrets’
  • The World Famous Ring and Chain Escape!
  • The Red Handkerchief Trick – John teaches how to do this trick – well nearly.

John Gerard’s Wedding Entertainment Will Make the Difference at your Wedding!

If you want your guests to laugh, be amazed and thank you for providing an entertainment experience they will never forget…. It’s definitely worth taking the opportunity to have a discussion with John, as he can offer you a ‘package’ to suit your venue and budget.

For a FREE Quote – Call or Text Magician John Gerard on 087 257 0705.

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