Palm Reading

Palm Reading by John Gerard

Discover what your Palm reveals about You!

The lines on your Palm are like a ‘personal road map’. John can reveal your Past, Present and Future by reading the ‘hidden-secrets’ contained in your hands!


Find out what your Handwriting says about You!

Handwriting & Signature Analysis

From your Handwriting and Signature John will reveal your character and personality and provide many interesting and ‘hidden-aspects’ of your life! – e.g. Career, Talents, Love Life, Success, Potential and more.

Handwriting analysis is sometimes known as ‘Graphology’. It is a form of non-verbal communication. In many ways it’s an alternative form of body language and a reflection of all the experiences you have ever had in your life.

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You and your friends will experience Palm-Reading – Handwriting and Signature Analysis – and Mind-Reading.
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